November, 2023

Hi Neighbour,

October 24th marked the one year anniversary of my election win. Highlights from my first year as a Ward 3 Town Councillor include:

  • Improving communication through newsletters and coffee time get-togethers
  • Accelerating the MA Revitalization Project
  • Implementing automated speed camera pilot program
  • Working with Town staff to update procedural Bylaws
  • Promoting new business openings and economic development
  • Volunteering with North Union Community Group
  • Supporting local artists, charitable and cultural groups
  • Reviewing potential improvements in the community through participation in the Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO) Conference

I’m grateful to represent our caring community and want to express my appreciation for residents who look out for one another, whether its lending a helping hand at the local food bank, raking leaves for seniors, or volunteering on a committee that supports our Town. Its a privilege to serve you. Your contributions are valued. Thank you!

Coffee Time & Budget Survey

  • Join Us for Coffee Time with Ward 3 Councillors and MayorMonday November 6th, 6-8pm at the Ross Family Complex. Drop in to ask questions on any topic.
  • Have Your Say! Complete the online survey to provide feedback.How do you want your hard-earned taxpayer dollars spent?Why is the Town proposing a 7.7% increase?  Share your priorities.Should the Town hire more firefighters? Extend trails? Increase library hours? Improve ditch maintenance?  Provide snow removal for seniors?You can contact me at any time to discuss your budget priorities:  or 905-955-5201.Complete the survey:
  • Committee of the Whole and Council Meetings November 7th @ 10am and 2pmTuesday November 21st @ 2pm and 6pm
  • 2024 Business Plan and Budget MeetingsNovember 13 at 9amNovember 15 at 9amNovember 19 at 9am

Concerned about the lack of transit options in EG?

York Region Transit staff will be making a presentation at the November 7th, 10am Town Council meeting.  East Gwillimbury, and Mount Albert specifically, urgently need investment in local transit. Consider joining us to hear what improvements are coming.

Let’s go forward together!